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An update is available!

I just released an update to the sp_WOxCompliant script to fix a couple of issues.

You can download it here!

What changed?

  1. I fixed an issue that would cause a continual loop to occur and hang the script indefinitely. With this fix, my tests are returning results in just seconds now!
  2. Corrected various typos and details in the results
  3. If you had xp_Cmdshell active before the script, it used to turn it off at the end for compliance. Now the script checks and leaves it active if you had it active. It will still notify you of the results though

That’s it for now.
I continue to work on the script and hope to be done with the main STIG requirements for SQL Server soon. Then I can finally move on to other checks for other compliance requirements.

Download the script here!

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