My Sessions

I offer a variety of sessions focusing primarily on SQL Server technologies.

I offer onsite presentations to User Groups and at conferences around the country!

I am able to offer any of the listed sessions or can work with you to develop a session to cover what you need.


Level 200 – 60 – 75 min


Review common audit requirements, why they matter and get tools to let you quickly collect audit data from your SQL Server environment.


Security audits such as PCI, STIG, or HIPAA, are important and can be complicated. Depending on the requirements it can take considerable time to gather the information needed.

In this session, we will go over some scripts that are used for compliance audits that make it easy to collect the information required. Even when there are multiple SQL Servers, these scripts and processes can quickly and easily identify where to focus efforts to ensure compliance. Through heavy demonstration and discussion, you will leave with a better equipped to understand and obtain compliance within your SQL Server environment.

PreReqs: Basic knowledge of T-SQL and PowerShell

Goal 1: Learn DOD/NIST recommended practices for SQL Server

Goal 2: Review the use of a modular script process to easily customize data collection to your needs and/or requirements.

Goal 3: Be able to quickly check the security state of your SQL Servers, no matter how many you have.

Addtl Notes/Methodology:

This is not a marketing sessions. After having released the sp_WOXComplaint script I have been asked to show how it works and that is what this session is. The script and others referenced and provided are completely free to download and use at your own risk.