Big Changes for WaterOx Consulting

March of 2019 would have marked that start of the 8th year of WaterOx Consulting, Inc. running. That isn’t going to happen. I have been thinking hard for the last year about what to do when it comes to the consulting/incorporated side of my SQL life and have come to the not easy decision that WaterOx Consulting, Inc. as a …

Rotating Expired SQL Server TDE Certificates

In general, SQL Server TDE certificates will expire at some point. In SQL Server, if we have setup TDE using SQL certificates we may have reached a point in time when the cert has expired. Maybe we haven’t. Maybe we don’t even know. We can check quickly to see if our TDE certs are close to expiring or perhaps already …

Stretch Databases for the Budget Poor DBA

Cheap Cloud

SQL Server’s stretch database is a feature that a lot of people liked and were excited about when Microsoft announced it.

Stretch databases were going to provide “Cost-effective” availability for cold data, and unlike typical cold data storage,  our data would always be online and available to query.

Upcoming Content

cloud road

This is the reality of learning newer tech somewhat in depth and working with it. What this series of posts will be are notes, code snippets and processes I am using and coming up with to figure out how to move the entire SQL Server infrastructure from on-prem to an AWS cloud based environment. The main tasks are to make …

Conditionally Retry a Failed Job

stranded boat

We have jobs that run in the early morning to load data to our data warehouses and other systems, and if they don’t complete correctly, we start to have issues that ripple through the day. In the past, we had a service provider that would monitor our jobs and rerun them if needed, depending on specific criteria given to them. …

SQL Security Email Course

SQL Security Basics

Today I am very excited to announce that I have (finally!) launched my email course covering the basics of SQL Server Security. This has been a lot of work to get a new system in place to make the learning experience a little different. It is like a normal email course, but at the same time it isn’t. Want to …