T-SQL Tuesday #080 – The Gift of the Basics

tsql tuesday

This month’s T-SQL Tuesday (#080) is being hosted by Chris Yates (B|T) (Happy B-day Chris!). He decided that this month’s theme was to be a gift to the community of something you had to offer that someone else may find as a gift. Or maybe it isn’t. That’s my interpretation. You can figure it out for yourself here.   Anyhow, …

Hearing Responsibility


A while ago I was watching Shark Tank on TV and at one point Robert Herjavich (T|B) made the great quote above. When I heard that statement I stopped the show immediately. I went back (Thank you whoever made rewindable TV possible!) and listened to it again to make sure I got it right. That one little statement really got …

DoD STIGs – V-32534

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Overview: Title: The DBMS must take needed steps to protect data at rest and ensure confidentiality and integrity of application data. Vulnerability ID: V-32534 STIG ID: IA Controls: None Severity: medium Description: This control is intended to address the confidentiality and integrity of information at rest in non-mobile devices and covers user information and system information. Information at rest refers …

PASS Summit 2016 – My Session Evaluations


No Sessions For You! The announcements of the speakers and sessions selected for the PASS Summit 2016 were recently announced, and I was not picked for any sessions. I do not have any ill feelings to those that go through the herculean effort to create the reviews and the Summit in general. Am I upset & disappointed? Sure, who wouldn’t …

DoD STIGs – V-32185

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Overview: Title: The application must employ automated mechanisms to facilitate the monitoring and control of remote access methods. Vulnerability ID: V-32185 STIG ID: IA Controls: None Severity: medium

DoD STIGs – V-32442

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Overview: Title: The DBMS must uniquely identify and authenticate organizational users (or processes acting on behalf of organizational users). Vulnerability ID: V-32442 STIG ID: IA Controls: None Severity: medium Description: To assure accountability and prevent unauthorized access, organizational users shall be identified and authenticated. Organizational users include organizational employees or individuals the organization deems to have equivalent status of employees …