Looking to download the materials from one of my sessions or articles?

I put them all here, in one convenient location for you!

Building Your First SQL Server Lab in Docker

Here are the slides, scripts and files for you to try out building a Docker lab yourself!

Size: ~235 MB
Poor Man Stretch Pack

This download pack contains all the scripts and the slidedeckfrom my poor man stretch presentation.

WOx Audit Pack

This pack contains all the files from my “Using Modular Scripts to Perform SQL Security Audits in Seconds” (aka: 5 minute No Sweat SQL Security Audits) session.

SQL 2016 Launch Day Package

This is a package containing the slides and scripts we used for the SQL 2016 Launch Day event in Washington DC, along with a few others bonus slide decks!

Would You Just Load Already Pack

This pack contains a backup of an empty demo database, source and destination files along with the SSIS package used during the Would You Just Load Already presentation.
Note that the SSIS package was developed with SSDT for Visual Studio 2013.

Len vs Datalength

Demo script for Len vs Datalength post

Renaming Servers

Script from our Changing Your Server Name blog post

Untrusted Foreign Keys

The script from our Untrusted Foreign Keys blog post

Unknown Values – Script 1

The first set of scripts from our Video: Walk & Talk #1 – Unknown Values

Unknown Values – Script 2

The second set of scripts from our Video: Walk & Talk #1 – Unknown Values

Hashgroups Demo Script

From our presentation: Optimizing Protected Indexes

Versioning SQL Server

The script from our blog post: Versioning In Your SQL Database

SQL Server Versions

The script to build your own SQL Version table.

From our blog post: SQL Server version table

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