People Are Talking!

Here are some letters of recommendation I have received from various clients.

I find they help to give a true understanding of how I am to work with and the level of expertise we bring to any project we are involved with.

… Having been involved in large scale Microsoft SQL Server projects for over 20 years, I have never seen a more passionate SQL Server GURU and Evangelist …
Brian Carey
… Chris is without a doubt one of the best MS SQL DBAs I have come across in the past few years …
Allen Roytkov
… He was the last guy whom you ask any SQL question, because he can find an answer for most complicated ones. In other words, he was a true leader …
Slava Murygin
… he dramatically increased the level of technical expertise within our group by his mentoring ability …Susan Kloss
… He can quickly delivery high quality results based on very little requirements …Charles Haines
… Always there to answer questions or solve complex problems drawing from an amazing depth of knowledge …Pete Berlowitz
… [He has] a great way of taking complex information and making it easy to understand, a very rare trait…Media User

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