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Learn Like A Pro

In WOxPod!, episode # 018 – “Learn Like A Pro ” I discuss the various methods I have used over the years to learn SQL Server and other things.

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You are listening to WOxPod!, episode # 018 – Learn Like A Pro

Recently I posted a tweet about how I was thinking about putting together a learn at your own pace email program for learning SQL Server Security. The response was interesting, not so much in what the response was, but who it came from.

Hey everyone, Chris Bell here with WaterOx Consulting. The WOxPod! podcast is produced for your enjoyment. Show notes can be found at WaterOxConsulting.com/Podcasts. You can also find links for the show and previous shows there as well.

Guess what? It’s mission time! I actually have anew one for you this week. Well a couple of new ones.

First, I want you to visit the page for this podcast and take the survey as to how you like to learn. It is on SurveyMonkey and you cna rank the various methods I put on the list. This survey is just for fun, but I’d like to see how you like to learn.

Secondly, I want you to go and check out my website if you haven’t yet. I am going through and changing up the look and feel some and would love any feed back you might have about it. I am trying to take it to a more relaxed & clean site that is easier to navigate and understand.

That’s it for this week. You can continue with the prior missions too f sharing this podcast with others and telling folks about the sp_WOxCompliant script. And, as always you can also follow me on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, all of which are linked through my website, WaterOxConsulting.com.

Now, on to the reason you are here, (I hope), and to learn how to Learn Like A Pro.

<Actual transcript not available (yet)>

And that’s the show! Thanks for listening.

If you have any Questions or suggestions of topics or people to talk to email us at chris@wateroxconsulting.com or hit me up on twitter at @CBellDBA.

Oh, and don’t miss out on SQL Saturday in DC coming up this December 5th! The site is open, sponsors are signing up and planning in depth is starting soon! Get signed up ASAP so you don’t wind up on the wait list!

Also, don’t forget to go and download your free copy of sp_WOxCompliant!

Check your systems for compliance and basic security checks!

Start helping secure the world of data!

On that note, until next time, keep yourself and your data safe!

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