017 – Thinking Like A Manager

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Thinking Like A Manager

In WOxPod!, episode # 017 – “Thinking Like A Manager ” I discuss the reason I found myself thinking like a lot of management does, and why it finally all really clicked why they do that.

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You are listening to WOxPod!, episode # 017 – Thinking Like A Manager

Today I found myself thinking like a manager, and it was odd how it happened. But I kinda get it now and I want to talk about that a bit.

Hey everyone, Chris Bell here with WaterOx Consulting. The WOxPod! podcast is produced for your enjoyment. Show notes can be found at WaterOxConsulting.com/Podcasts. You can also find links for the show and previous shows there as well.

Just like last week, I want to hit you up with the same missions! This week’s first mission for you. You need to share this podcast with at least 3 other people in your network. Get them to add this podcast to their favorite RSS feeds. They can even subscribe on Android or Itunes! SEdn outthe word if you enjoy this at all. Just search for WaterOx and you’ll find us in there, or there is a link available on the podcasts page on WaterOx Consulting.com. You can also follow me on twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, all of which are linked through the website, WaterOxConsulting.com.

The second mission this week is to download, try out, and share with those 3 people (or more) my sp_WoxCompliant script. That’s the script I’ve got that goes out and checks your SQL Server for compliance to various regulations. Still focused on the DoD STIGs right now. looking to have a new release in the next couple of weeks now. Just remember that it doesn’t work on version earlier than SQL Server 2008, and case sensitive databases cause some issues right now, but that is being worked on.

So, go to the website, check it out, go to the show links at WaterOxConsulting.com/Podcasts and you can download everything from there.

So, a couple of simple missions but lets got on with the main thing today which is going to be kinda fun: The time I caught myself this week thinking like a manager, and actually getting it!

<Actual transcript not available (yet)>

And that’s the show! Thanks for listening.

If you have any Questions or suggestions of topics or people to talk to email us at chris@wateroxconsulting.com or hit me up on twitter at @CBellDBA.

Oh, and don’t miss out on SQL Saturday in DC coming up this December 5th! The site just opened up a little while ago for registration and we tend to reach out wait list pretty quickly, so get signed up ASAP.

Also, don’t forget to go and download your free copy of sp_WOxCompliant!

Check your systems for compliance and basic security checks!

Start helping secure the world of data!

On that note, until next time, keep yourself and your data safe!

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