I know exactly how he feels

It is like building a DB system with no specs or guidelines as to what needs to be done. You do the best you can and then the client says something and you wind up here. From: This cartoon had a bad day at work.

SQL 2008 CDC – Net vs All and Slow Changing Dimensions of type 2

As noted before I am using SQL 2008 CDC to incrementally update a data warehouse for the project I’m currently working on. I found this snippet of code that inserts a new record. If matching an existing row, it marks that row as no longer active and then inserts the new row as the new active row. A process I’ve …

Interesting SQL 2008 CDC Discovery

I have an SSIS package that sets up CDC in a SQL 2008 by looping through a series of tables and activating each using the following basic command: EXECUTE sys.sp_cdc_enable_table @source_schema = N’dbo’