WILTW – Mind the details


This past week has been crazy with getting ready for family arriving and then all of us heading down to Miami for SQL Cruise! I did not make good notes of this week’s lessons, but here are main highlights of what I recall:


Just a few things this week, but at least learning happened: 1) Union market in DC is a pretty cool place, but pretty empty. I hope it is omly because of the time of year. Will be checking it out more in the future. Great pricing on local meats and the pickle guy has some really good stuff. I recommend …

TIL -> WILTW is better for me

A few things to cover the last couple of days. I am not good at making a daily blog entry, even for something this simple. Going to switch it to a WILTW – What I Learned This Week: Today I learned that: One of the reasons I don’t actually eat a lot of whole grain things is that I can …

Today I Learned

Nothing melts away physical or mental stress as well as a hot, epsom salt laced, bath.

Today I Learned

Tim Ford (Blog |@SQLAgentMan) popped up a challenge on google+ the other day, and I have taken it up. The challenge posted was: Here is my challenge to all of you for 2013: learn something new each day AND document it to share with others. If coming on SQL Cruise we will carve out time to discuss our progress.

Too many Hows & not enough Whys

I was watching a Holmes on Homes marathon on TV the other day when the ‘behind the scenes’ episode came on. I was more or less listening while doing some other things, but then I heard something that made a lot of sense to me.