Just a few things this week, but at least learning happened:

1) Union market in DC is a pretty cool place, but pretty empty. I hope it is omly because of the time of year. Will be checking it out more in the future. Great pricing on local meats and the pickle guy has some really good stuff. I recommend the hot & sweet pickle slices.

2) While at Union market Gigi and I learned that we like kale juice & a few other juices, like beet. We even got home amd dug out te juicer we have to try to replicate some at home. Success so far. Suprise favourite: kale, apple, lemon & ginger

3) More powershell. I am continuing through the book mentioned last time. No script writing just yet, but soon!

4) Putting together a technical presentation isn’t easy, but it is not impssible. I have been getting sample data & scripts put together and hope it all works ok. It is interesting to work from notes and to learn how much extra pops into your head. The trimming down of the fluff is going to be a challenge as well.

5) Good things come to those that wait. I had a proposal I had written up back in September that I figured was not going to come through. I moved on to other things and promptly forgot about it. That was until this week when the propsal appearred ib my email with the notice that it was aproved to go forward after SQLCruise in a couple of weeks.

6) An ego stroke is always nice, especially when not expected. This weekend got my hair cut and the stylists at the place were saying how my style is fun and makes them want to grow their hair out to try it, but it probably wouldn’t look as good. Alsongot a lot of compliments on my red leather biker jacket tat i picked up in Canada last year. The compliments made for a nice end of the week.

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