WILTW – Mind the details


This past week has been crazy with getting ready for family arriving and then all of us heading down to Miami for SQL Cruise!

I did not make good notes of this week’s lessons, but here are main highlights of what I recall:

  1. Keeping clients happy will result in them coming back – I had a  client contact me about a cluster install to be proposed prior to SQl Cruise and completed upon my return. Nice to be remembered and asked to help out with that.
  2. Having a great idea means nothing if you can’t get others to know about it. This is the primary issue I am facing right now with my company. When I talk to people about the business model of DBA Concierge Care they all swear it sounds great and is a goldmine, the only issue I have is figuring out how to get this information to my target audience. I continue to read and research marketing methods and I’m sure the right one will come up soon.
  3. Ayurveda is a neat concept and something I am going to learn some more about over time.
  4. Vacation / Get away time always seems to creep up until the last week before it starts. Then hyper drive kicks in or something.
  5. My family can never just travel easily without some sort of drama happening. At least it has been dealt with at the beginning and that just means the rest of the vacation / trip will be smooth sailing.
  6. The spray stuff to ‘frost’ windows is really strong. How am I supposed to vent the room properly by opening the windows when they are what need to be painted? 2 coats requires running outside for fresh air.
  7. Templates for proposals and contracts need to be outlined prior to needing to make them. I left a critical point off a proposal that has cost me a fair amount of income over the next year. I got he contract, and consider that lost potential income as the fee for learning to make sure that item is included in all future proposals and contracts.

The main this I learned this week though is to trust in oneself. It gets tough sometimes wondering if things are going to work out, but then they always do. I just have to stick to the plan and keep moving forward to eventually reach the end goal.



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