TIL -> WILTW is better for me

A few things to cover the last couple of days.

  1. I am not good at making a daily blog entry, even for something this simple. Going to switch it to a WILTW – What I Learned This Week:
  2. Today I learned that: One of the reasons I don’t actually eat a lot of whole grain things is that I can taste the extra natural ‘sweetness’ in the grains and it bugs me. I know it’s odd, and I’m going to try to get over it.
  3. Yesterday I learned: My poor puppy (120+ lbs @ 9 mos old now) has no traction on slick tile floors and goes down like Disney’s bambi on ice & can’t get up.
  4. The day before that I learned: Powershell! – Well not much of it, but got through the first few chapters of Windows Powershell in Action, Second Edition, the book recommended to me by Allen White (Website / @SQLRunr). It’s a start.

Ok, so I think I’m going to start this as a Sunday night update of the past week’s lessons learned. Should be easier for me and everyone else. No reason to add extra spam for everyone!

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      Same issue. I find brown rice and whole wheat flour also very sweet. I am fine with hot bread fresh from the oven (who isn’t) but otherwise it is all very sweet.

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