Digby’s Top 10 reasons you need a DBA

Digby! helps to demonstrate the top 10 reasons you need a dedicated SQL Server DBA.


[li]They can handle unexpected database growth with ease[/li]

Digby in the pool

A DBA stays calm in a rapid growth situation












[li]They will get down and dirty with your data[/li]


Nobody likes dirty data, especially a DBA.















[li]They are ready to help[/li]

Digby Helping

How can I help you with that danish…












[li]They are full of bright ideas[/li]


Ask your DBA, you’d be surprised at the ideas they may have












[li]They keep your data safe from prying eyes[/li]

Digby Censor

Encryption, or a Newf head, both prevent you from seeing sensitive data













[li]They easily fill big footsteps[/li]


and leave them too!












[li]They are experts at retrieving data[/li]

Digby with stick

or sticks!












[li]They do whatever is needed to help your organization succeed[/li]

Pony rides

Even offer pony rides!












 [li]They are outstanding in their field[/li]

digby field

And they want you to join them


[li]They are just plain cool![/li]

Digby on Ice

Some of the coolest people I know are DBAs