Hearing Responsibility

It is not my responsibility to listen.
It is your responsibility to make me hear.Robert Herjavec

Sometimes I do watch TV

A while ago I was watching Shark Tank on TV and at one point Robert Herjavich (T|B) made the great quote above.

When I heard that statement I stopped the show immediately.

I went back (Thank you whoever made rewindable TV possible!) and listened to it again to make sure I got it right.

That one little statement really got me thinking about a LOT of things.

What can be done to get someone to want to hear your message?

When I was doing full time independent consulting I was kept trying to find that elusive action, or item, that would potentially bring in a new client.

Now, I just have messages I want to share and am looking at different ways to do that. Some are SQL Server related, others are more business process and life related. Yes, you read that right. There are some things getting in motion that I’ve thought about for a long time. I tell you that I never thought I would be going down this path in my life, but it is fun and amazing to watch it evolve and to figure it all out.

Do I know if it will work, and I can get people to listen to my message. I don’t know.

We will see what happens.

Leave your thoughts below on what do you do to get people to listen to your message, and what makes you pay attention to the message from others.

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