DoD STIGs – V-32573


Title: Applications providing patch management capabilities must support the organizational requirements to install software updates automatically.

Vulnerability ID: V-32573


IA Controls: None

Severity: medium

Description: Security faults with software applications and operating systems are discovered daily. Vendors are constantly updating and patching their products to address newly discovered security vulnerabilities. Organizations (including any contractor to the organization) are required to promptly install security-relevant software updates (e.g., patches, service packs, and hot fixes). Flaws discovered during security assessments, continuous monitoring, incident response activities, or information system error handling, must also be addressed expeditiously.

Anytime new software code is introduced to a system there is the potential for unintended consequences. There have been documented instances where the application of a patch has caused problems with system integrity or availability. Due to information system integrity and availability concerns, organizations must give careful consideration to the methodology used to carry out automatic updates.

This requirement is specific to applications providing automated patch management. This requirement is NA for databases.

Check Text: This check is NA for databases.

Fix Text: This fix is NA for databases.


Interpreting V-32573:

Coming Soon!

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