DoD STIGs – V-32542


Title: Applications must meet organizational requirements to implement security functions as a layered structure minimizing interactions between layers of the design and avoiding any dependence by lower layers on the functionality or correctness of higher layers.

Vulnerability ID: V-32542


IA Controls: None

Severity: medium

Description: The information system isolates security functions from non-security functions by means of an isolation boundary (implemented via partitions and domains) controlling access to and protecting the integrity of, the hardware, software, and firmware that perform those security functions. The information system maintains a separate execution domain (e.g., address space) for each executing process.

This requirement is specific to applications maintaining isolation boundaries on hardware or networks. This is NA for databases.

Check Text: This check is NA for databases.

Fix Text: This fix is NA for databases.


Interpreting V-32542:

Coming Soon!

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