DoD STIGs – V-32514


Title: The DBMS must separate user functionality (including user interface services) from database management functionality.

Vulnerability ID: V-32514


IA Controls: None

Severity: medium

Description: Information system management functionality includes functions necessary to administer databases, network components, workstations, or servers, and typically requires privileged user access.

The separation of user functionality from information system management functionality is either physical or logical and is accomplished by using different computers, different central processing units, different instances of the operating system, different network addresses, combinations of these methods, or other methods, as appropriate.

An example of this type of separation is observed in web administrative interfaces that use separate authentication methods for users of any other information system resources.

This may include isolating the administrative interface on a different domain and with additional access controls.

If administrative functionality or information regarding DBMS management is presented on an interface available for users, information on DBMS settings may be inadvertently made available to the user.

Check Text: Check DBMS settings and vendor documentation to verify administrative functionality is separate from user functionality. If administrator and general user functionality is not separated either physically or logically, this is a finding.

Fix Text: Configure DBMS settings to separate database administration and general user functionality.


Interpreting V-32514:

SQL Server has a large variety of permissions that can be set to logically divide the administrator’s capabilities from those of the user.

The use of roles is highly recommended, especially custom roles to grant and deny permissions as required  rather than relying on assigned permissions to individual users. SQL Server also integrates very well with Windows Active Directory so that users and administrators can even be controlled at higher levels int eh network and domain.

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