DoD STIGs – V-32442

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Title: The DBMS must uniquely identify and authenticate organizational users (or processes acting on behalf of organizational users).

Vulnerability ID: V-32442


IA Controls: None

Severity: medium

Description: To assure accountability and prevent unauthorized access, organizational users shall be identified and authenticated.

Organizational users include organizational employees or individuals the organization deems to have equivalent status of employees (e.g., contractors, guest researchers, individuals from allied nations).

Users (and any processes acting on behalf of users) are uniquely identified and authenticated for all accesses other than those accesses explicitly identified and documented by the organization which outlines specific user actions that can be performed on the information system without identification or authentication.

Check Text: Review DBMS settings to determine whether organizational users are uniquely identified and authenticated when logging onto the system. If organizational users are not uniquely identified and authenticated, this is a finding.

Fix Text: Configure DBMS settings to uniquely identify and authenticate all organizational users who log onto the system.

Interpreting V-32442:

SQL Server requires a login to be able to be connected to. These are configured via SQL Server and stored in the master system database. Every connection to SQL Server generated a Server Process ID, or SPID. This SPID uniquely defines that connected account and its activities throughout the system and logs.

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