DoD STIGs – V-32421


Title: Configuration management solutions must track unauthorized, security-relevant configuration changes.

Vulnerability ID: V-32421


IA Controls: None

Severity: medium

Description: Configuration settings are the configurable security-related parameters of information technology products that are part of the information system.

Security-related parameters are those parameters impacting the security state of the system including parameters related to meeting other security control requirements.

Security-related parameters include: registry settings; account, file, and directory settings (i.e., permissions); and settings for services, ports, protocols, and remote connections.

Incident Response teams require input from authoritative sources in order to investigate events that have occurred. Configuration management solutions are a logical source for providing information regarding system configuration changes. Unauthorized, security-relevant configuration changes must be incorporated into the organization’s incident response capability to ensure such detected events are tracked for historical purposes.

This requirement is specific to applications providing configuration management functionality. This requirement is NA for databases.

Check Text: This check is NA for databases

Fix Text: This fix is NA for databases.


Interpreting V-32421:

Coming Soon!

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