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Webinar Topics

We offer a variety of  webinar broadcasts. Here is a sampling of some of the sessions we present. Don’t see something that you are interested in? Let us know and we will see what we can put together!

  Prevent Recovery Amnesia – Forget the Backups

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Do you suffer from Recovery Amnesia?

You have a complete strategy to backup your SQL environment; but what about the recovery?

Is that even part of your strategy?

Through this introductory session we will review the various aspects & myths of backups in SQL Server. We will pin down how developing a recovery strategy to meet business requirements is, in fact, more important than just a good backup strategy.



  The Spy Who Loathed Me – An Intro to SQL Security

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You have lots of data you have painstakingly collected over the years. How do you ensure that data is protected from hackers, spies and other ne’er-do-wells? Understanding the vast array of security features available in SQL Server is the first step in helping you determine what actions you need to take now to protect your data.


  Optimizing Protected Indexes

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As a SQL Server DBA I see my role having 2 main focuses. First is to protect the data and second is to ensure performance is maximized. More often than not companies forget about data security when they focus on performance tuning. In this presentation I will mention a few cases where encryption could have saved a lot of hassle. I will then demo a method that can be used to “index” commonly searched on encrypted values (ex: SSNs, Credit Card, etc) helping reduce the impact on the performance of a query.


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