SQL Server Boot Camp

SQL Server Boot Camp

  • Are you suddenly a SQL Server DBA and want to ensure you have the skills required to do what is needed and not just pass a certification exam?
  • Are you an ‘Accidental’ DBA looking to quickly take your skills to the next level?
  • Are you an organization that wants to make sure your IT team members are able to perform the role of a SQL Server DBA?
  • Are you strong enough to handle an intense 4 days of SQL Server training knowing that when you leave you will be confident that you can easily:

  Install & configure SQL Server 2014 according to real life criteria & best practices

  Easily configure High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions

Design and implement backup strategies and test their effectiveness

  Secure your server, instance, databases & data using the plethora of tools available in SQL Server

  Quickly identify & resolve performance issues at both the server and database level

 If so, you are ready for our SQL Server Boot Camps!

We take what others cover in over a week and cram it into 4-5 intense days of learning.

This training will kick start & boost your career in SQL Server as a Database Administrator.

This is not training focused on just passing a certification exam.

We prepare you for the real world of SQL Server administration.

This is not a slow paced program.

This is serious stuff.

There is a lot covered in a short period of time.

You will leave exhausted, yet confident in your skills as a SQL Server DBA.

Training Outline

Here is a sample overview of the topics covered each day during one of out boot camps along with what you will take away from each day. Your experience may vary as we adapt to our attendee skill levels, requests and requirements.

SQL Server Overview
We will discuss what SQL Server is, how it is used and the various components that are included with it.
SQL Server Installation
We will review the installation process and then perform installations on our test machines.
SQL Server Configuration & settings
Post installation we move into the additional steps that should be done to ensure a properly configured and operational system.
SQL Server Internals
We go over how different processes in SQL server go through the engine and learn more about how SQL Server actually works under the covers.
By the end of this day you will be comfortable installing SQL Server and getting the initial configuration completed. You will also have an understanding of the SQL Server engine components and how they work to process the requests made against the database.

Backup and Recovery
A backup strategy is important, but more important is the recovery strategy. This session goes through the various options when backing up SQL Server and how to design a recovery strategy to meet your company’s requirements.
High Availability and Disaster Recovery
There are a lot of options when it comes to H.A.D.R in SQL Server. We will go through the various options such as AlwaysOn Availability Groups, Mirroring, Log shipping and more.
By the end of this day you will have learn how to design and implement a solid backup and recovery plan to meet business requirements. You will also be aware of the various options available to help ensure your system stability and availability.

SQL Server Security
SQL Server offers a lot of security features. From Server level Roles all the way to cell level encryption and hashing. We will go through the different aspects of SQL Server security and work through labs to apply the knowledge to our test environment.
Policy Management
If you have a few, or a lot of servers, Policy management is a powerful tool to help enforce policy compliance and add consistency to your environment.
Resource Governor
Sometimes you want better control of the resources on your server. Using resource governor we can monitor and control the amount of resources of groups you will define during this session.
Auditing SQL Server
We all dread an audit, but you can take steps to make the process less painful with respect to your SQL Server Environment.

By the end of day 3 you will be able to properly protect your data assets by using SQL Server’s native security features. You will be able to manage and enforce company wide policies, control resources and even audit activity to ensure your SQL Server environment and data is safe.

SQL Server Monitoring
How do you know your system is not performing at its optimal level? We will go through the various ways you can monitor SQL server and configure alerts and actions to take if needed.
Performance Tuning
“The Database is to slow” A common complaint. but is it really the database causing issues? We will go through techniques to identify bottlenecks and other performance issues and what you can do to resolve a lot of common problems in performance.
SQL Server Maintenance
Part of keeping your SQL environment running will is regular maintenance. We will go through things you should be doing on a regular basis as well as how you can automate a lot of tasks.
Space is always an issue, even if it is “cheap” to buy. Using compression you can save time and space in your database and backups.

By the end of the final day you will be adept at determining and resolving performance issues in your environment. You will also be able to design and implement a regular maintenance routine of your systems.


What you get when you attend

   An instructor who is a professional senior DBA

You receive instruction from a real world SQL MVP & DBA with 20 years of experience both working with data and training many data team members.

  High Quality Course Materials

A course workbook is provided to follow along with the presentations including step by step instructions to perform the lab exercises. We create our own course materials and references rather than using a pre-set format from someone else.


Breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages are included so you can focus on the training all day. You even get to try our world famous chocolate chip cookies!

   Distraction-free, Immersive Training

We train all over the country in quality locations & training centers. We encourage you to bring along a laptop to perform your camp exercises on. By using your own laptop you will be able to continue your practice after camp.

   8 GB flash drive

You get an awesome thumb drive to take with you that includes full 180 day trial licenses for both 32 and 64bit Enterprise edition of SQL Server 2014, a digital copy of all labs and exercises as well as additional tools and scripts we have found useful over the years!


This is the training you have been looking for!

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